John Grantham started the agency in 1985 following a successful career as an actor. In 1996 he was joined by Caroline Hazeldine who returned from nine years working in the Industry in Los Angeles to form the partnership that is Grantham-Hazeldine.

In 2010 Claire O’Sullivan joined Grantham-Hazeldine as an intern. Claire is now a senior agent with the company.

In August 2013 we promoted Nick Errington from intern to full time agent.

Most recently Adam Maskell has joined us as a full time agent. Adam comes from a musical theatre and dance background. He also has casting experience both in the UK and abroad.

Having all started out as performers we are 100% committed to our clients’ success and work with them to achieve and maintain a successful long term career. We are not just looking for ‘the next job’ .With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry our contact list is huge and all our agents work with casting directors, producers and directors in the UK and around the world. We also work with ICM agents in New York.

Unlike many agents we actively encourage our clients to phone in once a week. We are always available to our clients and casting directors. Our clients deal directly with one of us, never with an assistant.

The success of any agency ultimately depends on the work of its clients. Please look at our current news section and judge for yourself.

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